Sunday, February 9, 2014

Michelle Obama is a Fashion Icon?? LOLOL!!

 photo michellevogue_zps9a8f03b2.jpg
Vogue's distortion of Mooch
Everyday there is a new story about how wonderful Michelle Obama is. We're told she's the most beautiful, the smartest, the hardest working wife and mother, and lest we forget..."The First Lady the World has been waiting for" according to Vogue.  We're told that Mooch is a a fashion icon who drives more than 3 billion dollars in sales each year, more than the Duchess of Cambridge (I guess if you're gonna lie, you might as well make it a whopper). It's important for people to remember that almost every picture of her has been photoshopped to make her look better.  Her famous arms??  Not real.  Her figure??  Not real.  Her hair??  Nor real.  So let's take a look at her real fashion style (hide the kids!)

 photo b49124f0-538c-431c-8587-08b07e21cf2c_zps732ce0e7.jpgUp first is Mooch's 1981 high school graduation portrait.  Mooch attended an exclusive private school in Chicago.  Huffington Poop writes"This will come as a surprise to approximately no one, but Michelle Obama was a total babe in high school"  I guess I'm one of those odd people, I was totally surprised.

 photo f043e849-9fac-4f8d-bb45-4f92eafcca31_zps3a896656.jpg
Picture #2 is an outfit she wore in 2011 while visiting the Royal Opera House in London.  The lapdog media called this outfit her "edgiest fashion statement to date" and "avant garde fashions with a capital "A".   NOT.

 photo fab55342-5b54-4f36-b763-61b1e61a458e_zpsf00d3b6a.jpg
Picture number 3 is the outfit she wore at the 2012 Kid's Choice Awards. The leather pants and sequin jacket makes her look like she's an aging rock star.  If you walk like a lumberjack you shouldn't be wearing skin tight leather pants.
 photo 28bf1176-0fc5-4ee5-9df2-982b22bb8310_zps9b15bec6.jpg up is the infamous shorts she wore on Air Force One in 2009. She says this is her only fashion regret, I'm kind of always happy with what I am wearing. . Sometimes I forget I'm the first lady so I'm like running around in shorts, I know the first time we went on a family vacation I had shorts on getting off of Air Force One and that created a huge stink"
 photo 74cb87ba-7a1a-4f3d-be1d-0119184afb61_zps83a17a7c.jpg
Picture number 5 wouldn't be so bad if you were 18 years old and living in the 1980's. But she wore this outfit when she visited Westminster Abbey in 2009.  The London Times wrote "While Mrs.Obamais correct to wear her brightcolors stacked, and the colors themselves are bang on the money, the three-dimensional flowers, that strange orange snake working its way around her middle and the yellow curtain pelmet are impossible to defend.  Moreover, the appliqued tunic has the air of Malia or Sasha's art class about it and...does nothing for her hips"  Obviously the media in the UK doesn't have to worry about being labeled a racist.

 photo 5abc5cee-f3e7-4f54-906a-97b5b277b8f3_zps01c8b475.jpg
Picture number 6 highlights Moochie's love of giant bows.  Holy cow!!  A bow this size should be on a box or a car, but never ever on a human.

 photo 867699db-d22c-4690-a5cd-6a76c2f66572_zps52f1df07.jpg

Picture number 7 makes you wonder if she ever 
looks in the mirror before she goes out in public.  There is no rhyme or reason to this outfit, it looks like it was made out of leftover material, something you would wear to clean the bathroom, and not meant fof public view.  Wow.

 photo 8e7e5275-37a4-4a21-9054-f274502a7f0f_zpsf9be654e.jpg

Photo number 8 highlights Shelly's too tight and too short pants, along with the real possibility that she is wearing her daughter's underwear.
 photo 5b910ac2-e14f-485d-b0ba-2e57d0b8bf3a_zps73ee1b73.jpg

I wonder why she decided to wear a
multi-colored mop? 

 photo 7606e016-ca8b-47ef-9df7-48a698626891_zps8963af6c.jpg
Picture number 10 highlights her boob belt obsession. Speculation as to why she loves them runs from an attempt to conjoure up the Empire Era, to not knowing what an underwire bra is, to being pregnant, (followed by a betting pool of who the father is and her due date)
 photo f0b9e61b-adb5-4065-9b33-61eb3ee26dcc_zps61f50053.jpg
Picture number 11 must be one of those times when she forgot she was the First Lady.  I wouldn't even go outside to get the mail if my pits are hairy, let alone go out in public where I might end up on the Jumbotrom.

When you see these pictures combined with the media fawning all over her and calling her a "fashion icon" for her breathtaking "fashion statements" you can only come to the conclusion that they are trying to convince themselves that they are not racist, for in their shallow world if you say anything bad about her its because you are racist.

 photo michellepissed_zpsee3741f0.jpg
"People have an image of me
as an angry black woman"
Make no mistake about it, Michelle Obama dresses this way to show her contempt for the places she visits in her undeserved roll as First Lady.  Look at how she is dressed for her visit to Westminster Abbey, and the way she was dressed getting off of Air Force One.  It's just one more way this angry black woman with a racial chip on her sizeable shoulders to show her contempt for our nation.

She has proven to be just as ugly on the outside as she is in the inside.

3 billion dollars in sales, my ass...

So says me - Tsarina1

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Huffington Post Users Leave in Droves Over Ban on Anonymous Comments

 photo nofreespeech_zps42a0f443.jpg
Posting comments on Huffington Post is one of the main reasons people read Huffington Post.  After all, they aren't known for their honest or thought provoking articles!  I think its safe to say that they have shot themselves in the foot with their new policy of "no anonymous comments" allowed. 

HuffPo is forcing people to link their facebook accounts to their site in order to post a comment.  They claim they are doing this to bring "civility and accountability" to the website.
yeah riiiiiiiight....

Linking your facebook account to any website is a huge mistake. you are just asking for trouble if you do that.  You risk your privacy and open yourself up to abuse and fraud.  You shouldn't even "like" any product on facebook because you open yourself up to spam.  Linking your account to facebook the way Huffpost is trying to make you do is just a blatant attempt to sell advertising.  To finalize your linking you have to wait for a passcode to be sent to you.  Do you think they will send you that code via email?  NOPE!  It's sent to you via a cell phone text message.  So not only HuffPost has your telephone number, so does facebook.  Are you sure you want your phone number floating around on facebook just waiting for advertisers to send you text messages every few minutes? 

This is one of the most anti-privacy moves I have ever seen, and frankly HuffPost just isn't worth the hassle.  Here is the article explaining HuffPosts new policy: Turning the Page on Anonymity: The Future of HuffPost Comments | Tim Mcdonald  The comment section is full of angry people who have dumped their Huffpost account.  Want to talk about it?  Post here, I allow 100% anonymous comments!

UPDATE: (12/13/2013)  Comments on political stories on Huffpoop have dropped about 75%.  One would think that would cause Arianna Huffington to re-think her new policy, however that also assumes that she has a brain.  I hope gettin' in bed with facebook was worth it sweetpea!

UPDATE: (2-15-2014)  It's rare now if I come across a Huffpoop article that has over 1000 comments.  Before this policy, it was common to see more than 20,000 comments.  Oh well!  Stupid is as stupid does, and Huffpoop is officially the King of Stupid. 

So says me - Tsarina1 

Sunday, October 27, 2013


 photo KateWillsandGeorgeChristeningphoto_zps5eb6ce2d.jpgThis past week Prince George, son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka Wills and Kate, was Christened.  The ceremony was small and private, a reflection of how the Cambridges want to keep their private lives separate from their public lives.   Still some official happy snaps were released and I thought it would be fun to write about them as well as past happy snaps of royal Christenings.  We'll start with Prince George.  I really like this picture because we get our first clear look at the royal baby.  I think he's quite cute, and looks like Kate!  He seems to be holding his arms out as if you to say "I'm the future King of Great Britain!".  Which of course he is.  But I like the body language of all three of them.  Clearly Wills and Kate still love each other and are proud of their son.  This is a great picture, formal but relaxed.

 photo QueenVictoriaEdwardVIIGeorgeVandEdwardVIIIathisChristianingJuly161894_zpse86eef07.jpgNext up is the traditional current and future Monarch happy snap, although this is the first time a picture like this was ever taken!  This picture was taken on July 16, 1894 at the Christening of Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, or as history would call him, King Edward VIII.  He is sitting on the lap of his Great Grandmother, Victoria, who was Queen from 1837-1901, on the left is his Grandfather, Edward VII, who was King from 1901-1910, and on the right is his father, George V, who was King from 1910-1936.  Edward VIII was King from January 20 - December 11, 1936.  He caused a constitutional crisis by wanting to marry Wallis Simpson, an American socialite who had been divorced once and was in the process of divorcing her second husband.  The Prime Minister informed him that as the head of the Church of England, he could not have a Queen who had two living husbands.  He abdicated the throne to his younger brother Albert, who became George VI.  He was given the title Duke of Windsor, married Wallis Simpson on June 3, 1937 after her divorce became final.  They retired to France and he died there in 1972, but is buried in England.   

 photo FutureKingGeorgeQueenElizabethchristianingoffutureQueenElizabeth2_zpsa26ea20c.jpg
I really like this picture of The Duke and Duchess of York holding their infant daughter Elizabeth at her Christening in 1926.  Of course 10 years later she became the heir to the throne when her father became King George VI.  He married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon of Scotland.  Their was marriage was seen as a modern gesture at the time because although she was titled, she was not royal.  When his brother abdicated he was reluctant to accept the throne.  He had a stammer, which caused him great embarrassment and made him shy, he also suffered from ill health due to a stomach ulcer.  He chose to rule under the name "George VI" to emphasize continuity with his father and to restore confidence in the monarchy.  During World War Two the Royal Family vowed to stay in London despite the German bombing raids.  The first German raids on September 7, 1940 killed nearly 1000 people, mostly in the East End of London.  On September 13, the King and Queen nearly escaped death themselves when a bomb exploded in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace while they were there.  The Queen famously said "I am glad that we have been bombed.  It makes me feel that we can look the East End in the face".  King George and Queen Elizabeth (later known as the Queen Mum) are viewed as sharing the same dangers and deprivations as the rest of the country.  They were subject to rationing restrictions and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt remarked on the rationed food served and limited bathwater restrictions during a stay at the unheated and boarded-up Palace.  In August 1942, the King's brother, Prince George, Duke of Kent was killed on active duty.  The stress of the war took its toll on King George, made worse by his heavy smoking.  He developed lung cancer and hardening of the arteries.  On January 31, 1952, he went to the London Airport to see off Princess Elizabeth who was going on her tour of Australia via Kenya.  On February 6 King George VI was found dead in his bed.  He had ruled from 1936-1952.  Elizabeth flew back from Kenya as Queen Elizabeth II.  She was 26 years old. 

 photo PrinceCharlesChristeningwithparents_zpscefebfa5.jpgUp next is Prince Charles' Christening happy snap of 1948.  Princess Elizabeth married Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark, a member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Glucksburg in 1947 when she was 21 years old.  He was born in Greece in 1921, but was exiled as a child.  He was educated in France, England, Germany and Scotland and joined the British Royal Navy in 1939 at the age of 18.  He also began exchanging letters with his 13 year old third cousin (through Queen Victoria) Princess Elizabeth at this time whom he had first met in 1934 before she was the heir to the throne.  King George granted Prince Phillip permission to marry Princess Elizabeth in 1947 after he gave up his Greek and Danish royal titles, converted from Greek Orthodoxy to Anglicanism, became a naturalized British citizen, and changed his name to Mountbatten, his maternal grandparents last name.  As tradition dictates, just prior to the wedding King George bestowed up him the title "His Royal Highness, The Duke Edinburgh".  They have four children, Charles, Prince of Wales (pictured) born in 1948 and current heir to the throne, Anne, Princess Royal, born in 1950, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, born in 1960, and Prince Edward, Earl of Essex, born in 1964.   In 1957 Queen Elizabeth made him a "Prince of the United Kingdom", which officially makes him Prince Phillip, the Queen's consort.  He is not called "King Phillip" because of rank.  A King outranks a Queen and if he was granted the title "King", he would outrank her.  In 2012, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, 60 years on the throne as Queen of England.  She is the second longest reigning British monarch, Queen Victoria was the monarch for 63 years.   

 photo PrinceCharlesPrincessDianaatPrinceWilliamChristianing_zpse77104e7.jpgNow we move on to more current history with the Christening of Prince William.  We all know the sordid marriage and divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  Her tragic death in 1997 is one of those "I remember where I was when I heard the news" events in history because she was so loved by the British people, and people around the world including myself.  I can safely say that I wouldn't care one bit about the Royal Family if wasn't for Diana.  Although I will never be a fan of Charles, no one has ever suggested that he has not loved his sons every bit as much as Diana did.  He has been a good father, and from what I have read he has been more than welcoming to Kate.  It's rather hard to look at this picture of Charles and Diana in 1982 and realize that she would have so little time with her son.  But its also clear to see by this photo that there were real feelings between these two at one time, and that they were quite proud of the handsome son that they had brought into the world together. 

 photo KateMiddletonChristeningcropped1982_zpsc054ba39.jpgThis is one Christening happy snap that no one ever would have ever thought would become part of Royal Family history when it was taken!  Standing here on June 20, 1982 are Carole and Michael Middleton with their infant daughter Catherine Elizabeth.  Can you imagine what they would have said if they had been told "Hey, guess what??  Tomorrow, (June 21, 1982), Princess Diana is going to give birth to the future King of England and little Kate is going to grow up to marry him!"  At the time I'm sure they would have laughed it off.  But as time went on, and Kate grew up into the beautiful young woman she is today, I'm sure there would have been little doubt in their mind that she was the perfect woman for Prince William, the perfect woman to be the mother of the future King of England, and of course the perfect woman to lead the monarchy into the new century as the future Queen of England.  On this day though, they were just Carole and Mike, young parents, like thousands of other parents having their child declared a Christian in the Church of England.  I love this picture because parents never know what the future will hold for their children.  In this case, it was a pretty amazing future!   

 photo RoyalfamilyandMiddletonsatPrinceGeorgeChristening_zps0a1be89b.jpg
That leads us to Prince George's Christening happy snap!  Here we a blend of royalty and commoners to create a whole new Royal Family.  In back from left to right:
Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, Charles, Prince of Wales, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton, James Middleton, Carole and Michael Middleton.  In the front from left to right, Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and of course Prince George! 

Many people will say the monarchy is outdated and not relevant anymore.  But this is a constitutional monarchy, which means the Queen is head of state.  She cannot write or enact laws, she must remain politically neutral.  The main role of the monarchy is to provide stability, unity and a national focus because the Queen remains the same even as the governments change.  Queen Elizabeth has stressed duty and service to the nation, something they do through their charity work and military service.  Both Wills and Harry are still active in the military.  They represent a continuity of a shared common culture.

And living in an hyphenated America right now, where the current political trend is to put labels on everyone to divide us as a nation, a common culture with common values is to be desired. 

So says me - Tsarina1